Victorian mahogany panelled room

A complete Victorian mahogany panelled room, one of our most spectacular current salvaged items, is now on display in all its magnificence at our sister site in Hertford.

The outstanding panelling was originally made for a Victorian Gentlemen’s Club in the West End of London and dates from 1873. It is an excellent and extraordinary example of Aesthetic design, featuring elaborate and detailed carvings including regal-looking masks, reeded columns, scrolls and acanthus leaf decoration. There is also a grand mantel and a stunning portico featuring ornate stained glass.

Victorian mahogany panelled room with stained glass

You can view the panelling in full in the video below, although I’d strongly recommend viewing the room in person. It’s currently set up at V&V Reclamation on North Road in Hertford, SW14 2PW.

Watch the video here:

Victorian panelled room

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