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Historic Antique Windows from Tate Britain Up-cycled into Mirrors

Historic Antique Windows from Tate Britain Up-cycled into Mirrors

Tate Britain window mirror

Some of our most popular pieces in the showroom are our reclaimed antique window mirrors. We’ve recently salvaged striking cast iron window frames from various locations that, when re-purposed as mirrors, make fantastic focal points with a little bit of history included.

Upcycled window mirrors

Last year Jason removed several of the original cast iron windows from the Tate Britain as part of the gallery’s modernisation. These wonderful Victorian window frames were originally the basement windows in the oldest part of the Tate Britain building, which was designed by Sidney R J Smith and built in 1897. You can spot the frames in their original setting in the photo below, and see how they looked when we first removed them. They’re a great opportunity to own a spectacular piece of of a British institution.

Tate Britain salvaged windows

We had the frame sandblasted and polished which makes the most of the intriguing, intricate design and also uncovered the charming copper flowers decorating the frame. We also salvaged the remarkable leaded fanlight stairwell window shown in the image above, more details are available here.

Antique Warehouse Windor Mirrors

We also salvaged a number of large antique cast iron window frames from an old Victorian warehouse in Kentish Town – shown above. These impressive, 6ft high window frames have a slightly arched top and add a touch of genuine industrial chic. We have left this particular in it’s original state with peeling paint, but the frames could also be sandblasted and polished to give a more finished look.

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