London Stove Company

The Saltburn with Log Store

  • With just two levers, the Saltburn is an extremely simple stove to operate. It is one of the smallest in the range and is the same specification and interior as The Dalby the only difference being that the Saltburn has a flat door and The Dalby has a curved door.

    There is another option of The Saltburn without Log Storewhich offers a more compact stove for your fireplace if it cannot accommodate the extra height.

    The Saltburn can be supplied with an outside air kit which is now a requirement for many new build properties.

    See below for delivery details

  • ► DEFRA Approved for smoke-control areas
    ► 5kw Output
    ► Multifuel
    ► Up to 79.6% efficient
    ► Energy Efficient Class: A
    ► 5" Diameter Flue
    ► Tertiary Air
    ► Optional Outside Air Kit
    ► British Made & British Steel
    ► Brilliant Air Wash System to keep glass clean
    ► Choose from Brass or Stainless Steel Fittings
    ► Maximum log length 35cm
    ► Log Store option available 
    ► Weight 61kg
    ► Suitable for a 1.2cm hearth
    ► 10 Year Guarantee 

  • Our selection of Town and Country Stoves come in classic black as standard but for a small additional charge they can all be supplied to you in the range of colours below allowing them to compliment the interior of your property. The specialist paint is extremely resistant to high temperatures.