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Giant Reclaimed Brass & Crystal Chandelier | >4m Tall


The sheer size and scale of this chandelier are spectacular.

Once belonging to the Leathersellers, London, a Livery board and charitable foundation with a first Royal Charter in 1444 - The crystal and brass chandelier took prime position on the Leatherseller's hall, the second image shows the piece in situ in 1977.

The imposing piece has a colourful history. During its lifetime it once found a home at the Presidential Whitehouse in Washington but has now been returned to the UK, and we have now acquired it.

Formed of 3 circular brass tiers, each supporting multiple lamps with crystal droplets, each tier is draped with ropes crystals. 

At the base of the chandelier, the brass arms taper in to meet and support a large brass sphere.

A very special and monumental piece for a space that can complement its scale and grandeur. 

410cm x 220cm 
Dimensions are approximate


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