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Regency Style Library Room Cabinetry| Reclaimed from Clothworkers' Hall London


Along with various other pieces, this wonderful and complete set of bookcases was reclaimed from the Library room at the Clothworkers' Hall, London. 

An impressive collection, the Regency-style cabinets are finely crafted from mahogany. Curved brass lattice-work, studded with roundels is used for both levels of the doors, the lower of which is backed by pleated blue silk. The largest of the cabinets has 2 retractable hatch openings. 

Further images of each cabinet can be found on this link

The Clothworkers Company is one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of London,  it has been on the site of 50 Fenchurch Street since the Company was founded in 1528. As wool was one of England's main sources of wealth, The Clothworkers' was originally established to regulate the finishing of woven woollen cloth within the City of London, as years passed the remit of the company evolved into more charitable activities. Due to destruction over the years from the 1666 Great Fire of London to WW2 bombing, the current Hall is the sixth on the site. 

The set is comprised of 4 separate pieces. 

Each Unit is 240cm Tall and 43cm Deep Overall

The width of each unit is as follows:
x1 Decuple Door 482cm Width
x2 Quadruple Door 242cm Width
x1 Double Door 120cm Width
Dimensions are approximate

Price is for the complete set.


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