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Spectacular Portland Stone Neptune / Poseidon Statue Fountain


A truly spectacular piece, this Portland stone fountain provides an impressive garden feature.

A strong and daunting figure of Neptune dominates the centre gripping his trident, clearly conveying his control over the waters. Neptune, the god of the sea in Roman mythology, is flanked by water cherubs or nymphs, with a sea serpent entwining the figures.

An enormously captivating feature with magnificent carvings echoing the movement of the water with exists central to Neptune's feet, the serpent's mouth and the mouth of the facial on central on the plinth.

Becoming rarer due to the minimal quarrying, Portland stone is a highly valued material that was used extensively for prestigious buildings throughout the UK such as St Pauls Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and The Cenotaph.

Stories of Neptune closely resemble the stories of Poseidon in Greek mythology. Neptune was associated with horses and is also the considered the god of horse racing.The figure of Neptune was a common motif in 16th to 18th century art as a symbol for monarchs controlling destiny, the god also has strong links with wealth, prosperity and power. 

Approximate Dimensions

235cm Width (back wall)

220cm Height

102cm Width of the base of plinth 

175cm Depth of piece

61cm Depth of plinth 

23cm Height of Surround Wall

Dimensions are approximate


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