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Reclaimed Glass Panels from Rolex Headquarters London


Reclaimed from the world-famous Rolex headquarters located in St Jame's Square, Central London, we have acquired a large amount of these glass panes available for purchase

The glass has a tint of green synonymous with the Rolex brand and come in 2 different moulded patterns which were intended to be teamed together by placing the panes on top of each other.  When light passes through the panes the result is striking. 

The panes with vertical lines have more transparency whilst the other "spaghetti" pattern offers a slightly more frosted finish providing more opacity. When placed together they offer a very attractive glazed piece to offer privacy and the saturation of the "Rolex" green is intensified.

The pieces are of supreme quality and are formed from glass making them suitable to be used in either an internal or external space.

The pieces were originally used to screen off and divide rooms in the Rolex reception and offices at their central London service HQ centre.

We do also have some taller pieces available and some thicker pieces that incorporate both patterns combined in one single pane: Thicker Panes of Rolex Glass

Although originally commissioned to be placed together, we are selling the glazed pieces separately. 

Price per single piece.

Overall Dimensions

131cm  x 70cm x 1cm depth

Dimensions are approximate