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Handles, especially in public places are a hotbed for spreading bacteria. Plastic and wood top the petri-dish rankings when it comes to being some of the worst materials for harbouring nasty micro-organisms.

Under a microscope the likes of E-coli, Salmonella, MRSA can be found on handles and to make matters worse they can survive for weeks!

But fear not, original period door furniture is not only beautifully tactile and a pleasure to look at, the majority are also made from copper-based alloys such as brass so they are scientifically proven to come well equipped with their own natural antibacterial properties meaning the lurgee doesn’t have too much time to linger and in some cases, those dangerous germs can even be destroyed in less than 2 hours.  

antique brass handles

This is not new knowledge either, going back thousands of years the Ancient Egyptians and Aztecs have documented using copper to clean up wounds and filter water. Researchers have been pushing the NHS to take heed of this info as using copper-based surfaces as opposed to steel can reduce patient infections in hospitals by a whopping 58%.

So it would make valuable sense to draw on this knowledge when adding those finishing touches to property projects, especially those where there are plenty of comings and goings. This information can also be utilised when purchasing other items such as letterboxes, handrails, taps, lighting, switches and fixtures.

antique brass letterboxes

The secret to creating a stunning interior is all in the details and finishing touches. An aspect that can make or break a room is the choice of door furniture, but it’s also something that is often forgotten or fitted as an afterthought.

The perfect set of door knobs, door handles, escutcheons, rimlocks and fingerplates can be difficult to choose and hard to find, but once they’re fitted it’s very unlikely you’ll ever want to change them. Therefore it’s important to choose carefully and find that perfect set of door knobs, whether brass beehive or polished copper, that you’ll love for decades.

If you’re reinstating original features in a period home, the right antique door knobs and accompanying door furniture can really add to the feeling of authenticity.

Whether it’s traditional Victorian brass knobs for a nineteenth-century home, a set of vintage brass door handles for a warehouse conversion or functional finger plates for a commercial space we’ve always got a varied and comprehensive collection of reclaimed and refurbished door furniture at The Architectural Forum