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Reclaimed Antique Wrought Iron Sign Bracket

A reclaimed sign bracket in wrought iron. This antique sign bracket has a simple design with a decorative scroll and curved arm. 40" x 15"


Retro Polished Steel Sign

A nightclub sign in polished steel. This very large reclaimed 'GUVNOR' sign is positioned onto a matt grey background and would make a striking statement piece of retro signage.  Dimensions: 11.5 ft wide Dimensions are approximate.


Antique Victorian Shop Sign Bracket

An antique Victorian shop sign bracket in wrought iron. This original beautiful decorative bracket has been painted blue. Dimensions: 72.5 inches long x 48.5 inches high Dimensions are approximate. 


Shop Sign Bracket with Lights

A traditional style bracket in wrought iron. This 1960s vintage shop sign bracket features two strip lights shades, in brass, angled to illuminate a swinging sign. This shop sign bracket is would make a great traditional piece for a shop front.  Dimensions: 39 inches x 36 inches x 16 inches (overall width)...


Reclaimed Brass Sign

A reclaimed door plaque in brass. This solid polished brass door sign has 'private' embossed onto the plaque and has a hole at both ends of the piece which will allow it to be easily screwed into the desired surface. Dimensions: 16.5cm x 3.5cm x 0.5cm. Dimensions are approximate.


Shop Sign Letters

A set of 3D boxed shop sign in plastic. These reclaimed letters feature a simple, retro style and would look striking in a variety of contexts.  Dimensions: Letter 'H': 34cm high x 23.5cm wide x 5cm deepLetters 'O', 'U', 'S', 'E': 24cm wide x 24cm high x 5cm deep Dimensions are approximate.


Vintage Brass Pull Door Signs

Vintage brass door signs that read: "Do not push this door pull towards you". These door signs have had their message debossed into the brass and then inlaid with white enamelled lettering. Each sign has a hole in each of their four corners in order to allow the sign to...


Adjustable Stands

We have a number of these stands in a bronze finish. These reclaimed stands, in various styles, were originally designed to display men's shirt. These pieces would be ideal for holding a menu, sign or music sheets. The height of the stands can be adjusted as well as the angle of the frame. Price is...


Stainless Steel Letters

We have a small assortment of stainless steel silver letters, or sign lettering, from commercial signage. Price is per item. Dimensions: 11 inches height Dimensions are approximate. 


Brass Enamelled Letters

Reclaimed oversized letters in brass with cream enamel inlay. The letters 'A','R', 'E' available. The letter 'E' is a little damaged, and so this would be sold at the reduced price of £75. Dimensions: 26cm or 32cm high Dimensions are approximate.