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Antique Japanese Toro Granite Lantern


An exceptionally beautiful original antique Japanese Lantern made from Granite.

Known as a toro these lanterns were originally reserved for the use of Buddhist gardens to illuminate paths, a lit lantern was deemed as an offering to Buddha, following on from this tradition they became Shinto shrines in private dwellings.

The lantern is carved from granite with charming and attractive detailing. The lantern comes in 4 pieces, the base plinth comes complete with larger counterweight slab that can be concealed when sunken into ground or submerged in water.

The lantern offers a unique feature piece with a spiritual backstory that will undoubtedly be a conversation piece for an exterior space. 


246cm Overall Height (including base granite)
210cm Height from base of plinth
80cm Width of top pagoda
25cm Width of plinth
70cm Widest Part of base granite.

Dimensions are approximate