Antique East London Shop Roller Shutter

Product ID: 01080817

Victorian wooden shop roller shutter with aged green surface patternation and unfinished wood to the reverse from Vicarage Lane in Stratford, East London. 

This wooden roller shutter is a magnificent piece of British social history, showcasing London as part of the 'nation of shopkeepers'. 

The regeneration scheme of this part of east London means that increasing numbers of historic buildings are being repurposed and altered. This sign was recently exposed and successfully removed in one. 

An outstanding one-of-a-kind decorative feature for a range of interior or exterior projects for domestic or commercial uses.

This shutter could be reinstated as a working roller shutter with a new mechanism, or used simply as decorative cladding or screening.

Photographed standing on its outer edge illustrates how this former shop roller shutter can be re purposed to create a unique and dividing screen / partition. 

Dimensions: 248cm W x 266cm H (with slats running horizontally)


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