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Antique 18th Century Beaded Oak Panels (27.5 linear metres)


Antique oak panels in various sizes being sold as an entire collection.

We have acquired a large amount of this high-quality oak wood panelling dating from the 18th and 19th century, it comes complete with cornice. The superb sheets deliver a beautiful and rich patina and these panels offer an excellent solution for those wishing to create a dramatic change to an interior space.

The total amount of the panelling equals approximately 27.5 linear metres.

The sheets photographed include:

257cm Wide X 230cm Tall

169cm Wide X 230cm Tall

60cm Wide X 230cm Tall

103.5cm Wide X 230cm Tall

The majority of the interior panels measure at 23.5cm x 33.5cm although some do differ. 

There are an additional 24 panels  - please contact us for dimensions and images

Dimensions are approximate.

Being sold as a lot and not to be sold separately.