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Antique Market Barrow Cart | Hiller Bros


Bold, bright and full of cockney charm, this 19th century East End market barrow has a green body with contrasting red wheels.

Beautifully aged and weathered, the market hand cart is ideal as a decorative display piece for a commercial space or exterior project.

The striking piece was manufactured in London's Bethnal Green by Hiller Bros, who are noted for their craftsmanship in wagons, market carts and wheels.

The wood of both cart and wheels are engraved with Hiller Bros markings including "Hiller bros on hire 64 Squirres St E2"

As shown in the images the top metal grid can be fully collapsed and extended on front and back or independently of one another to provide shelter and hanging space.

Overall Height: 
Length of Cart: 273cm
When both front and back of roof are extended: 300cm
Width of Cart: 108cm
Overall length (including cage overhang): 321cm
Dimensions are approximate