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WWII British Army Officer's Camp Bed


A WWII British Army officer's camp bed. This original 1930s to 1940s British army cot bed comes complete with a mosquito net (which is supported by metal rods slotted into the sides of the bed) and original waterproof cover/pack and leather straps for carrying. The officers camp bed has an interlocking wooden frame and a green canvas top with poles along the sides, which connect to the frame to make it sturdy. It's surprisingly comfortable and has a flap at one end to create a pillow by placing clothing or similar underneath. The separate pieces of the bed each have their own carry case which at strapped together with the original leather belt so that they can be carried like a rucksack. This is a wonderful piece of military history, rare in its complete state.


Camp bed (once assembled): 31 inches wide x 16 inches high x 78 inches long

Dimensions are approximate.